Latest Media Release! Brisbane Airport Implements Dr. Voxx Interactive Feedback System

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Opinion capture tool greets consumers where they have most to say


Public toilets aren’t usually the place where you’d expect to be asked whether or not you’ve had a good experience but they are one that you’re likely to give a raw, honest opinion about.

Innovative Australian-based consumer research company Dr. Voxx knows this better than anyone, having recently rolled out its new real-time consumer feedback systems in toilet facilities across Brisbane Airport.

While Dr. Voxx’s Interactive Feedback System (IFS) is more commonly deployed to obtain actionable customer insights in places of high traffic such as hotels, retail outlets and fitness centres, the firm has recently worked with Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) to implement the IFS in a locale it has never been before.

This unique deployment is allowing BAC to gain of-the-moment insights into customer experience at what it sees as key service points throughout the airport, enabling it to be more operationally responsive to its customers.

Brisbane Airport is the third busiest airport in Australia by passenger numbers, with more than 21.8 million passengers travelling through both terminals in the year ending 2013.

The IFS works by capturing customer feedback from passengers via touch-screens installed in toilet facilities across both its domestic and international terminals, where travellers are inclined to have something to say and are open to sharing their valuable thoughts.

The system feeds the information back into an online reporting tool in real-time for data download and graphical analysis, where it is then converted into a powerful set of live management insights.

According to Dr. Voxx Managing Director Liz Bull, toilet facilities are typically a weak point for airports, so operators are keen to incorporate a system that can help them overcome the challenges.

“The IFS is designed to help BAC improve the quality of customer-facing services, reduce the cost of managing service providers, and provide customers with a highly visible engagement channel,” Ms Bull said.

“By utilising a modern touchscreen, customers can quickly and easily input their feedback and tell BAC what they think of facilities as they use them. Customers love engaging in this way.”

Krishan Tangri, General Manager Assets at BAC agrees.

“The IFS gives us a highly visible channel to engage our customers and demonstrate that we care about their experiences,” Mr Tangri said.

“We know that our customers feel more valued when their concerns are being heard and addressed quickly.

“The IFS allows us to listen to what our customers want to tell us and immediately adjust our service to better meet their needs.

“It allows us to be more operationally responsive to our customers than we’ve ever been before,” he said.

Ms Bull says the Dr. Voxx team consulted closely with BAC management to ensure the system met their needs, in particular, programming service alert thresholds to create the most actionable insights possible.

“Brisbane Airport Corporation is a great company with a passion to deliver the best service to its customers.

“It has very specific Key Performance Indicators, which we used to customise the survey, alerts, and reports to ensure their very high standards are upheld.

“The IFS sends alerts to BAC’s cleaning supervisors when facilities are determined to be unacceptable by customers, for example, when three or more ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ customer responses are received in less than five minutes.

“It also tracks the areas that customers most frequently complain about so BAC can take steps to resolve or improve the problems.

“The IFS also helps BAC to ascertain whether its cleaning service providers have met their service level agreement by requiring cleaning staff to log in and record duties as they are completed, and time coding each entry.

“This provides transparency between the provider’s SLA and the actual services they deliver. If they are contracted to clean every 75 minutes, they can be held accountable if the SLA is not met,” she said.

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing service providers; Improve the quality of key customer-facing services; Provide a highly visible channel to engage customers and improve customer experience.

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Customer Feedback: Ask and You Shall Receive!

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-> 81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering customer experience excellence are outperforming their competition…

-> It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 negative experience…

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“Poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 Billion loss by US enterprises each year because of defections and abandoned purchases.”

It’s a fact: if your business can listen to customer feedback in a timely manner and respond to the insights, you will drive your growth through customer retention & loyalty.